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To sell or not to sell?

I have five LV handbags. I really only like two. I also have two wallets and a coin purse. Every once in awhile when I'd like to get something else I toy with attempting to sell them on Ebay. I have purchased like 90 things from Ebay. I'd say 90 percent have been legit. I have been screwed on a few things One was a Soho backpack that still breaks my heart. I went through the proper channels of checking it and everything. I couldn't bear to try and sell it off, and I *hated* wearing it once I knew, so I just donated it to Salvation Army and took the tax write-off (Deduct It has a line item for a designer purse. Yeah, I know it was fake, but I still paid for it.)

So here I am wondering again if I should sell them. I'm a little nervous about it. I've heard horror stories about not getting paid or my perfect rating getting marred. Plus, I know people like to have the receipts, and I have NO CLUE where the receipts are from the stuff I got from eLuxury. I mean, it's been freaking YEARS (took time off to get married and buy a house...two very expensive endeavors). I did keep the shopping bags though (why I have NO idea). I do mix up the little sleepers, and I kept the fake sleeper for the bag that didn't come with one (it's a blue/black Petit Noe from the 80s)

So this is what I have and why I don't like them:

  • Blue/Black Petit Noe - the color is beautiful, and it's in great condition, but everything just falls to the bottom in a pile and I can never find anything. It's also kind of heavy.
  • Pouchette Accessories - just too small.
  • Musette Tango - same reason as above, and it keeps slipping off my shoulder. I'm on the fence with this one though, as it would end up being the only monogram thing I have besides the wallets, which leads me to the
  • Billfold - no coin purse, so I bought one to compensate, but it's a pain. Like the coinpurse though
  • Porte Tresor International Damier - beautiful wallet. I LOVE Damier better than monogram, but this thing is HUGE. A small country could fit in there, but there are only six slots for cards. Huh?

So what DO I like?

  • Fawn Epi Jeunne Fille - this bag is gorgeous! Although it has fallen victim to the deteriorating of the inner lining common with this model.
  • Damier Recoleta - perfect little bag for going out. Plus I don't have to worry if it rains or gets dirty from a club or something. I also like it because I get alot of compliments on it for the style and THEN the recognition is second. I guess I'm not as labelly as I thought.

Maybe I'll try with the billfold first, since it's little, and go from there. We'll see.

Wow, all that rambling over PURSES. I must be losing my mind. My college friends would be shocked at my shallowness. I guess we all can't save the world.
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