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The MJ gods are smiling down on me...

So it was a productive time on Ebay. I scored not one, but TWO MJ bags for a little over $300! Thank goddess for sniping! While more than $300 is pricey for me right now (what with the $600 SHED we just bought) I couldn't pass up these bargains if I could get them. I'll just eat Top Ramen until my next payday or something.

The first bag is a Marc by Marc Jacobs brown shearling bag from a My Poupette seller. Very cute. I found her for 90 bucks. I'm not sure how timely it is, considering it will be 100 here by Friday, but hey, she's adorable!

Marc by MJ Shearling Hobo

The seller is from my area, so I'm toying with the idea of emailing her and trying to find out her shopping secrets.

The second was a fluke. I'm not a big fan of the more trendy MJ bags. I like the classics - Stella, Venetia, Sophia, Multipocket, etc. I did my usual search and finding nothing authentic or affordable, when I come across this lovely black Sophia.

MJ Sophia

I knew I hit on something because one of the other people bidding had a history of buying/selling MJ on Ebay. It also had all the correct bells and whistles. Off to auctionsniper I go, and $218 later (!) she's all mine.

This seller also had cute Kate Spade that ended up selling for $30. But since the Sophia is black, I decided to pass (It had a display light burn on the handle so it was selling low. Nothing a little black Sharpie couldn't fix.)

Both sellers are worth keeping an eye on for cute stuff.
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