Sara Bellum (sbeetle) wrote,
Sara Bellum

On a serious note...

I have this friend. Okay, he's my boss. We share an office so we've actually become friends, sort of. (No, not in THAT way, you perv). Besides, he's way older than I am (not that it matters much, but he was having children when I was still playing with dolls, so the squick factor is there).

Anyway, he has a daughter who just graduated from high school. The week after she graduated she basically skipped off with her boyfriend, who my boss hates. He believes he's a deadbeat with no future. They got into an argument, and she left the house. She's now living with a friend. He fears the worst. He confessed all to another coworker and I. We both tried to convince him to get her to Planned Parenthood right away, because well...we remember what it was like to be 18 and "in love".

Then I have this thought, every person from 14-25 has a myspace, right? So, I decide to play Lois Lane and do a search on her name. She pops up.

Oh boy.

Kids, she's engaged as of Sunday. She's not coming back. He's got her a ring and everything. (At least he has good taste.) And, he doesn't sound that bad. Her comments make him sound quite sweet and patient, actually. Of course, she's an 18 year old in love, and she feels like they're "destined" or something because her parents are against it. Besides, they're 18 (he may be older by a year. I'm not sure). I mean, my dad thought my old boyfriend in HS was a deadbeat loser, and now he's the controller of a major corporation. I mean, we were ALL idiots back then, right? Of course, I didn't run away and get engaged at 18 without any definite plans, so I can't really compare myself to her.

I personally can't believe that college and career wasn't drummed into her at an early age by my boss like it was with my dad. I mean, my boss graduated with a freaking electrical engineering degree. That's not exactly a simple jaunt down Liberal Arts lane (and I can say this b/c I have one of those LA degrees).

I don't know what to do. I am certain he doesn't know about the engagement, or what he would have mentioned it.

Oh no! He just got a call from his his grandfather's died. If it's one thing, it's 50. I've decided to keep my mouth shut for now.
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