Randy Newman sucks

Okay, I'm watching a movie on HBO and what do I hear? The insipid gravelly voice of Randy Newman. Must this no-talent assclown write and sing every fucking soundtrack for movies. I mean, I think it's actually the same song, like a template and he just changes the names and stuff.

Ugh. Make him STOP. I mean, he makes me postal.
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OMG Shoes

This just cracks me up every time I see it.

Why is it that you you're actually looking for a specific type of shoe, you find a bunch of others that are cute but completely inappropriate for what you need?

Here's a thought, maybe I should go looking in my OWN CLOSET.

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Well most people say

That I should tell him about his kid's shennanigans. I guess I'm being selfish, but I am worried about how it will affect our working relationship.

Usually I don't go around asking tons of people for advice, but you gotta admit, this is a sticky situation.

Okay, two South Park references in two seconds. I really must be losing my mind.

On a completely different note, how can you buy something and completely misplace it while it's still IN THE BAG? I bought a little roller to complete my bathroom paint job, and I put it in some kind of alternative reality, because it is nowhere to be found. Am I doomed to look at blue painter's tape for the rest of my days? ARGH.
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On a serious note...

I have this friend. Okay, he's my boss. We share an office so we've actually become friends, sort of. (No, not in THAT way, you perv). Besides, he's way older than I am (not that it matters much, but he was having children when I was still playing with dolls, so the squick factor is there).

Anyway, he has a daughter who just graduated from high school. The week after she graduated she basically skipped off with her boyfriend, who my boss hates. He believes he's a deadbeat with no future. They got into an argument, and she left the house. She's now living with a friend. He fears the worst. He confessed all to another coworker and I. We both tried to convince him to get her to Planned Parenthood right away, because well...we remember what it was like to be 18 and "in love".

Then I have this thought, every person from 14-25 has a myspace, right? So, I decide to play Lois Lane and do a search on her name. She pops up.

Oh boy.

Kids, she's engaged as of Sunday. She's not coming back. He's got her a ring and everything. (At least he has good taste.) And, he doesn't sound that bad. Her comments make him sound quite sweet and patient, actually. Of course, she's an 18 year old in love, and she feels like they're "destined" or something because her parents are against it. Besides, they're 18 (he may be older by a year. I'm not sure). I mean, my dad thought my old boyfriend in HS was a deadbeat loser, and now he's the controller of a major corporation. I mean, we were ALL idiots back then, right? Of course, I didn't run away and get engaged at 18 without any definite plans, so I can't really compare myself to her.

I personally can't believe that college and career wasn't drummed into her at an early age by my boss like it was with my dad. I mean, my boss graduated with a freaking electrical engineering degree. That's not exactly a simple jaunt down Liberal Arts lane (and I can say this b/c I have one of those LA degrees).

I don't know what to do. I am certain he doesn't know about the engagement, or what he would have mentioned it.

Oh no! He just got a call from his his grandfather's died. If it's one thing, it's 50. I've decided to keep my mouth shut for now.
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If you're gonna pay for least make it not look like ass

I'm talking about extensions. You've seen 'em everywhere. Jessica Simpson is supposedly selling them. All the celebs are wearing them.

When you get extensions, they are the original length (and possibly color) of the original person wearing them (unless they synthetic. Then that's a whole new ballgame.)

Kids, just because they CAME that long doesn't mean you KEEP THEM that long. You're supposed to TRIM them to a more natural length. Am I insane or something? Really now.

And why are they always so wavy when they go on? Do they just get funky after they're cut off the orignal owner?
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Crossing fingers..

Well, I've been confirmed with Top Consumer Awards, and they say my LV Vernis Rouge Reade PM is to be delivered in 30 days. I had a couple of issues (one with a screwy confirmation,and the other with a javascript error within their confirmation function), and their customer service was very prompt and helpful.

They confirmed me manually and said it was to be delivered in 30 days. Now I don't know if that means that after 30 days it will be delivered, or it will be delivered in 30 days.

Hopefully, the bag will show up. Most of my other ventures into this free stuff thing have been busts.

I never did have to fill out any tax forms or anything beforehand. At least customer service didn't refer to any.

Oh, and my 60 days are up with YFDB. After they kept changing my referral numbers, I just gave up. I mean, SIX referrals with all those offers? It's hard enough trying to get someone to do ONE or TWO.
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The MUTE button is your friend...

Okay, I'm working from home today because our shed was getting delivered. So, I'm now on a companywide conference call. And there are a few idiots who do not know how to use the freaking MUTE button.

What I've heard so far:

  • Several people breathing heavy
  • crying children
  • sniffling
  • toilet flushing
  • general fidgeting
  • tapping
  • yawning

It's really loud over the phone. And it's damn annoying.
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Swapmeet Louie, indeedy

So I was cruising the blogs and I came across this monstrosity:

What The Fuck?

You know how I adore thee, LV, but this shit has just got to stop. The wacko embellishments that started with the Murakami line? It was quirky and fun. But now? It needs to go away. It's like you're taking stock of all the shitty knockoffs, and making them WORSE. There's nothing wrong with being a classic, people. The beauty of the monogram is that it is timeless. You can find a well kept bag from your aunt or something, and it still is a thing of beauty. It's like a Rolls Royce, or a Mercedes.

I mean, this piece of shit looks like someone went at their Speedy 30 (or 25 - I can't quite tell with all the CRAP in the way) with a GLUE GUN. And if this is from the house of LV, can you just IMAGINE the nightmarishness of the knockoffs in Chinatown and Ebay? Oh the horrors!

I give you the lyrics of Swap Meet Louie by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Fitting, yes?
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The MJ gods are smiling down on me...

So it was a productive time on Ebay. I scored not one, but TWO MJ bags for a little over $300! Thank goddess for sniping! While more than $300 is pricey for me right now (what with the $600 SHED we just bought) I couldn't pass up these bargains if I could get them. I'll just eat Top Ramen until my next payday or something.

The first bag is a Marc by Marc Jacobs brown shearling bag from a My Poupette seller. Very cute. I found her for 90 bucks. I'm not sure how timely it is, considering it will be 100 here by Friday, but hey, she's adorable!

Marc by MJ Shearling Hobo

The seller is from my area, so I'm toying with the idea of emailing her and trying to find out her shopping secrets.

The second was a fluke. I'm not a big fan of the more trendy MJ bags. I like the classics - Stella, Venetia, Sophia, Multipocket, etc. I did my usual search and finding nothing authentic or affordable, when I come across this lovely black Sophia.

MJ Sophia

I knew I hit on something because one of the other people bidding had a history of buying/selling MJ on Ebay. It also had all the correct bells and whistles. Off to auctionsniper I go, and $218 later (!) she's all mine.

This seller also had cute Kate Spade that ended up selling for $30. But since the Sophia is black, I decided to pass (It had a display light burn on the handle so it was selling low. Nothing a little black Sharpie couldn't fix.)

Both sellers are worth keeping an eye on for cute stuff.
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