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Swapmeet Louie, indeedy

So I was cruising the blogs and I came across this monstrosity:

What The Fuck?

You know how I adore thee, LV, but this shit has just got to stop. The wacko embellishments that started with the Murakami line? It was quirky and fun. But now? It needs to go away. It's like you're taking stock of all the shitty knockoffs, and making them WORSE. There's nothing wrong with being a classic, people. The beauty of the monogram is that it is timeless. You can find a well kept bag from your aunt or something, and it still is a thing of beauty. It's like a Rolls Royce, or a Mercedes.

I mean, this piece of shit looks like someone went at their Speedy 30 (or 25 - I can't quite tell with all the CRAP in the way) with a GLUE GUN. And if this is from the house of LV, can you just IMAGINE the nightmarishness of the knockoffs in Chinatown and Ebay? Oh the horrors!

I give you the lyrics of Swap Meet Louie by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Fitting, yes?
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